I always liked the description of the Oscars as a very expensive night where (mostly white) famous millionaires give each other gold statues... so that the winners can charge many times more than scale for their work. It also helps promote movies. Other than marketing, award shows serve no purpose.

They used to be wildly entertaining (Any time Billy Crystal hosted, for example)... but no one really cares anymore.

Do the Oscars matter to the general public? It's an industry thing... and it's gotten obscene in its crassness, as a tone deaf celebration of excessive consumption.

While the world is dying from climate change, and people are dying across the globe from a relentless pandemic... the Oscars seem too self-congratulatory and out of touch. imho.

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My question is, should we save the Oscars?

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I'm doing an interesting double feature on Friday. First I'll be seeing "Solaris" dir. Andrei Tarkovsky by myself, and then I'll walk across town and see "Marry Me" dir. Kat Coiro with another person. Lol I wish I could see Solaris with another person Marry Me by myself.

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