'All Quiet on the Western Front' Hints that War Is BadListen now (36 min) | Plus, the dumbest Oscar controversy of all time!
On Edgar Allan PoeListen now (16 min) | This week we talked about an American original, Edgar Allan Poe. And Sonny shares a mildly personal story!
'Pale Blue Eye': Worth a Laundry-Folding Watch?Listen now (35 min) | Plus: China re-opens its theaters to the MCU. What does it mean?
'The Menu' Serves Up a Nasty, Funny MealListen now (16 min) | On this week’s bonus episode, the gang recommends The Menu, the satirical social thriller that is less about class warfare and…
Is 'M3GAN' a Killer Good Time?Listen now (36 min) | Plus: will the VFX shops unionize?
Hooray for Hollywood!Listen now (13 min) | Talking about movies about movies with friends.
'Babylon': Big, Messy, and Kinda FunListen now (37 min) | Plus: Sports are King in the media landscape.
The Best Films of 2022Listen now (32 min) | Kick off 2023 with a look back at the year that was.
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