Late to the party here but maybe after a year of perspective on the tragic, fatal accident on rust we can begin to see what's true and what's not. Prosecutors have just reduced charges against Mr Baldwin and Ms Guttierez. Peter does a good job of basically explaining how weapons are handled on set, we handle them the exact same way you would on a range with other people around you and yes every mistake, is a big deal, " everybody back to one" and start over. In the case of Mr. Baldwin, the actor, he should have every confidence the gun that was handed to him was " safe" as the AD claimed it was. It's Ms Guiteres's job to make sure that was the case. I have no idea why the AD inserted himself into the scenario. I don't know this AD but " I know This AD". He's the guy who can do everybody else's job on set, faster, cheaper, better than they can. This would be evidence of the neglect of the industry standard safety protocols for weapons on set but he's already copped a plea to avoid the responsibility so i'm guessing responsibility will ultimately fall on Alec Baldwin, the Producer. I did 35 yrs below the line in Hollywierd and I've never heard of love ammunition on a movie set, not even in the parking lot with the trailers. That's the big question for me and i'm anxious to learn how a load like that got into a hero gun. See how the whole chain of custody thing is playing out now? If the AD could randomly pick up props off the prop table and hand them out like party favors, (if he tried that stunt on one of my sets he'd have had to have the colt surgically removed) who else had access, on set, on the truck or wherever. Its going to be interesting and I hope you guys do a followup.


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As a Dune book nerd (who was skeptical of this movie before I watched it, and enjoyed it!). I though the ending was appropriate and captured the essence of the book correctly. The last sequence starts with his vision of him on another world joined by the Fremen in a battle, which is the Jihad his actions will create if he joins with them. The subsequent knife fight is important part of the story which the books describe as fulcrum in his future paths, and by winning the fight he has made the choice of the Jihad and all its moral consequences. The movie end with him going into the desert which the beginning steps of various Messianic figures.

Also the Sonny Bunchism take that the good guy is actually becoming the villiain is the correct take on Dune. (Which has been debated for decades)

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Sonny and Chris are both right and they both make the movie a complete failure and joke. Its purely incomplete and a bait and switch with the marketing. If they wanted to make Dune into multiple parts that is fine, but let people know. I heard this prior to seeing the movie so I expected that, but at the same time I expected an actual movie and not just a piece of a movie. Harry Potter and Twilight did this and it was known to the audience that a movie was split and would not be complete -- I don't like it but okay that is up front. This movie lied and was incomplete -- that is outrageous. If they wanted to make Dune multiple parts at least make a complete movie and fill in other details instead of just a long prologue to Dune, Part II.

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