I just read the piece about The Sentinel and all I remember is that movie scared the hell out of me when I saw it as a young teenager.

Burnt Offerings was another one from that era that still gives me the creeps when thinking about it.

So yeah, maybe those films weren't the best made but they did their job scaring young me.

On topic: Golden Globes are still a thing?

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Licorice Pizza - I saw it twice on 70mm and loved it more the second time.

One note on the HBO Max subscriber numbers, a big caveat is that we don't know how many of that 78.3 million users conflates the HBO GO (or whatever it is called) cable app and HBO Max. Also, I'm not sure if they still give it to AT&T customers.


Still, they make a lot from streaming. I think it is completely dumb and short-sighted to give away theatrical and PVOD before it goes to the streamers, but that's me. Something about streaming reminds me of the housing boom of the 00's.

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I saw it like a month and a half ago in an uncomfortable theater in a bad mood...but I wasn't on board.

I loved the NY trip in the beginning because the idea that he was one of the kids from an earth 2 version of "Yours, Mine, and Ours" was great

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