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This is in fact the best show

In my podcast feed. Alyssa, Peter and Sonny inform and entertain me every episode. If you are at ll interested in the world of entertainment this podcast will never let you down. Even when the subject matter may have made me want to delete the episode without listening I found the time spent listening well worth the effort.

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Unless internet is free, cheap streaming doesn't exist.

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I'm paying a lot of money for a few hundred cable channels I don't watch. I can't find anything in the channel guide. We have a Netflix account that we haven't used in years. I can't be bothered to figure out all the streaming services.

BUT -- Ask anyone (hi there!) who has the Xfinity streaming app how they enjoyed the first NFL games on Sunday. Go ahead, ask. Fortunately for us, we have some TVs that aren't compatible with the app, so we have to pay extra for cable boxes -- and we ACTUALLY HAD SERVICE on Sunday.

So I'm not sold on streaming any more than I am sold on cable. They're all terrible as far as I can tell.

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Thank you for the explanation and importance of a Bar and Baht Mitzvah. I went to a handful of these (parties) as a 13 year old but didn’t understand the significance.

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Do you guys know how stuff works? I mean the technology part as I think you have the business model stuff down.

If comcast or whomever is “in your hood”, you’re paying them to deliver bits to your house and pretty much your only alternative would be to move to a sat-based solution.

I haven’t had a traditional cable package in well over a decade but I do continue paying comcast for bit delivery. I pay for Netflix, have prime, Disney+ and a couple others.

Does charter have an ownership interest in fubo? That and or captured customer fees would easily explain why Sonny got his offer to subscribe to fubo. Btw, good luck getting rid of it if you do subscribe 🤣.

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During this latest game of screw the customer and I did do some shopping around and found that to be almost as tedious as the blackout. My situation might be a little different in that my internet provider choices are limited, Charter/Spectrum is the best choice and subsequent TV bundle package was best choice. Probably not so going forward. I like Sarah watch very few of the many channels that I get. Would it be too much to ask to choose to pay a small monthly fee for the

ability to pick your package? Or as Sonny proposed a smaller basic bundle with the ability to add channels. As always I enjoyed the show.

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It was this plus the combo of the Hulu deal parameters that have effectively killed the cheap streaming era going fwd.

Streaming DTC as your sole channel is wholly unnecessary and just not cost effective.

Did you notice that Disney announced a 100 disc Blu Ray collection of their entire animated film library the day before? The fact that they are now offering a physical media version of content that is already available to D+ subscribers shows just how little revenue they were generating by keeping all that content on D+.

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