Oscars Fashion: What Do the New Looks Mean?Listen now (16 min) | On this week’s members-only bonus episode, Alyssa fashionsplains the Oscars looks to Sonny and Peter. A little change of pace this week!
Did the Oscars Get It All Right?Listen now (35 min) | Plus: '65' reviewed!
Is It Time for a Stunts Oscar?Listen now (15 min) | On this week’s bonus episode, the gang looks at Vulture’s excellent feature package for their first (and hopefully annual!) stunt…
Is 'Creed III' a Knockout?Listen now (41 min) | Plus: a rant about the state of movie theater exhibition!
Just One More Thing ... Listen now (12 min) | Inspired by Poker Face, we’re talking some of our favorite movie and TV detectives.
How 'Poker Face' Recaptures that '70s SpiritListen now (36 min) | Plus: Scott Adams self-immolates.
Where Are the Kids Movies?Listen now (16 min) | And more thoughts on the state of the box office.
Against Rewriting Roald Dahl's Books Listen now (41 min) | Plus: does 'Quantumania' reveal the MCU is out of steam?
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